Achiamma (Aleyamma) was the only sister of Valiya Panicker and Kochu Panicker. At her age 14 she was married to Oommen Ninan of Vadakke Thelackal Mavelikkara. The Vadakke Thelackal family was a reputed and wealthy family like the Adangapurathu family. She had 2 sons named Oommen and Avirah. At the age of 22, her husband Oommen Ninan died of an accident, while he was on a business trip in Madras. After the death of her husband, Achiamma came back to the Adangapurathu Tharavadu and stayed with her parents and brothers for many years. Records indicate that AAchiamma was a very beautiful and intelligent young lady who possessed a good moral character. Later on, she was married to  Kunjacko Tharakan of Pulinkunnil Ettuparayil. There were no children from her second marriage. Her sons continued to stay at Adangapurathu Tharavadu during their mother's second marriage and much later in order to complete their  education. These 2 youngsters were very much loved by their uncles, Valiya Panicker, Kochu Panicker and  Avirah Thoma Malpan. These sons were very fortunate to receive a large portion of wealth belonging to their father in Mavelikkara as well as from the step-father's side. At their adult stages they were able to purchase  huge portions of land in Kalloopara area and named them  Maret and Ooriapadikkal respectively. Oommen stayed at Maret house and Avirah stayed at AOoriapadikkal after their marriages.                                                        

It is a proud factor for the Maret family as well as the Adangapurathu family that the 17th Mar Thoma of Malankara Syrian Church, ADr. Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan was the son of Abraham Ninan of Maret. Additionally,  this reputed family Maret has produced many scholars such as Judges, M.L.A's, (Kerala State Assembly),  and many religious leaders including a prominent Ramman, who took the responsibility of the institution known as Othara Diara in the Malankara Orthodox Church.  It is also worthwhile noting that Maret family had built a church of their own, within their family property and named it St. Stephen's Malankara Orthodox Church. This church was later donated to the Malankara Orthodox Church, just as the Adangapurathu family did with the Kalloopara church in the year 1922.         

           Avirah Avirah-Kochoonjachan(eldest son of Valiya Panicker) was known as one of the most popular persons in the Travancore State. He was a very close associate of the Edapally King for many years. He was also given complete control of Perumpranad district for several years. He was a very kind and generous person who helped  many people in Perumpranad.  Prior to his time,  many people who could not pay taxes were brought over to the local court in Kalloopara in order to

be punished by beating all day. According to the records, these people were ordered to be beaten after putting a heavy load of rubbles on their shoulders. Being the head of the local court and the entire system in Perumpranad, he put a stop to these severe punishments to those who could not pay the taxes. Instead, in many cases he himself paid their taxes and let the hard working people free. At the end of the local court sessions, most frequently many of these people used to gather around his house (at Adangapurathu Olasseril land) in order to pay him respects for being so kind to them. During his time, the AKing of Edapally and the people in the Perumpranad district were very pleased with the remarkable leadership of the Adangapurathu Avirah-Avirah-Kochoonjachan. Even when holding such a powerful and distinctive position as Muthalpady in the Perumpranad district, he had always believed  and respected the fact that every human being has a  greatness within himself, according to the book written by late A.G. Joseph Panicker, the profile of Avirah Avirah-Kochoonjachan. 

      At one time, The King of Edapally was in deep financial trouble (as the King was obligated to the King of Travancore), and the King approached Avirah Avirah-Kochoonjachan for help. He immediately managed to raise the full amount which the King had requested of him. During that time, the King of Travancore came to know about his leadership qualities and ordered to appoint him as a Judge in the highest court. Since he had inherited huge amounts of debts to assist the King of Edapally, he felt uncomfortable in holding a position as a Judge in superior courts. Accordingly, he authorized his cousin, Eapen Avirah (oldest son of Kochu Panicker) to be the Judge appointed by the King of Travancore. Avirah Avirah-Kochoonjachan died of a sudden heart attack, at the age of 45, one evening when he was returning from the regular job from the Kalloopara local court.  The huge debts which he had inherited for benefitting the King had caused the family to lose much land which belonged to the Adangapurathu family, particularly a large  portion of land called, the Adangapurathu Olasseril land.  At the time of his death, his older son Avirah Avirah Olesseril was only 13 years of age and the younger son Avirah Thomas Valloorickal was only 11. Like his father (Valiya Panicker),  he also had built a huge and attractive house which consisted of many art works, near the east river side and started residing in it after his marriage with Annamma, (daughter of Thondamvelil Thomas Tharakan from Thumpamon). Several years later, during the heavy flooding season of the year 1900 AD, a heavy flood water forced this house from its foundation. (After that  the family members divided the parts of this humongous house and rebuilt other houses using those parts. According to the book written by Late A.G. Joseph Panicker, Adangapurathu Olasseril Kochoonjachan was a renowned person who had memorable leadership qualities.         

On March 22, 1815, this great man of our family was called home and was buried with highest respect and honor inside the Kalloopara St. Mary's Orthodox Church, in the Aaikkalah, which is located between the altar and the main church hall. This was indeed the greatest honor a prominent person could have received at the time of death.  He was the founder of Olesseril branch of the family.

The living and the departed are in the state of growth and sanctification till the second coming. A May God himself, the God of peace,  sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ ;  ( Thessalonians- 5 :23 ).         

Up AAvirah Eapen