It should also be noted that during the time of Valiya Avirah Tharakan ( in the mid- 1700's), the Hindus and Christians reconciled their differences and lived harmoniously in Perumpranad district, as a result of his amazing leadership efforts. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter; Avirah Avirah (Valiya Panicker), Avirah Eapen (Kochu Panicker), and Avirah Thomas Malpan ( Spiritual Leader) and Achiamma, ( her sons later settled down as Maret & Ooriapadikkal families). This great  Appooppen of our family, was  called home in the year 1779.

A The memory of the righteous will be a blessing ; (Proverbs 10:7)

Avirah Avirah (elder son of Valiya Avirah Tharakan)  was named Valiya Panicker and  was given complete control of   the Perumpranad district. He was also responsible for the continued growth and prosperity of Kalloopara church. After his marriage he built a very large and attractive house which consisted of so many remarkable art works. Valiya Panicker was a very well known and  courageous person throughout Travancore state during his short life. He departed at the age of 33, in the year 1773.                                                 

       Avirah Eapen (second son of Valiya Avirah Tharakan) was named Kochu Panicker and he was also given complete control of APerumpranad, after the death of AValiya Panicker. He also took the responsibility of the continuous growth and prosperity of AKalloopara church. He continued to maintain the Adangapurathu family heritage for a few years and handed over the responsibilities to his nephew Avirah Avirah AKochoojnachen. AKochu Panicker was called home in the year 1814.    

Avirah Thomas Malpan (third son of Valiya Avirah Tharakan) was keenly involved in the church affairs. He was also an advisor to Mar Thoma V, in the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, for many years. He also served as a teacher of Syriac language, at the Malankara Orthodox Seminary.  The Malankara Orthodox Church had appointed him as a Malpan. This spiritual leader was called home in the year 1805. He was laid to rest next to the Altar of Kalloopara St. Mary's Orthodox Church.

  A For God  so loved that the world that he gave his so only  son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. ( John 3 : 16).

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