Their son, Itty Avirah Tharakan, moved over to the present Tharavadu house while making his headquarters at Kalloopara, around1700 AD. At that point onwards, the family was named as Adangapurathu family. We respectfully consider him as the founder of Adangapurathu Family. This Great Appoopan of our family was laid to rest in the year 1745. He had a son named Valiya Avirah Tharakan.

Valiya Avirah Tharakan  continued to stay at the Adangapurathu Tharavadu and maintained similar responsibilities as his father had assumed. He was raised by his parents and grand parents to promote Christianity in the region while respecting the Hindu religion and their religious cultural activities. Prior to his time, Hindus and Christians were involved in regional riots and disputes periodically. It is unfortunate to note that many lives were lost due to their religious conflicts. This great leader took extraordinary efforts in bringing the community together in the Perumpranad District.                      

It was during the time of Valiya Avirah Tharakan (during the mid 1700's) that the Kalloopara St. Mary's Orthodox church was ordered to be demolished by a Judge (from Travancore High Court, Quilon), as the church had  incurred  huge debts in the past. After the court hearings, the Judge ordered for the entire church building to be knocked down and its land to be taken over by the creditor (Pocku Moosa Haji- Quilon). Valiya Avirah Tharakan  immediately paid off all of its debts and took control of the church and its property. While holding complete control of  Perumpranad,  Valiya Avirah Tharakan at his own cost, took the privilege of rebuilding the St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Kalloopara for a better outlook (about 250 years ago). Some parts of that construction and art work of the church are still remarkably visible inside the church. In the recent years, this historical church has grown remarkably as a result of the constant efforts of its enthusiastic members and the outstanding leadership of its Vicars from time to time. Many parts of the church were renovated and more buildings were built for other activities, to keep up with the pace. The other reputable families such as Moothedathu families, Aaruveedan families, Moolamannil families and many other families have continued to contribute their outstanding leadership for the growth of this church over the past several years. It should be noted that The Aaruveedan family which was existed in Kalloopara for over 1000 years, had the privilege of building and maintaining this historic church for over 750 years, prior to the time of Adangapurathu family's establishment. The Aaruveedan family stood courageously for the existence of this church despite of many obstacles as a result of religious riots and conflicts up until 1750 A.D.  Today, this beautiful church remains not only as one of the oldest churches in Travancore, but it also has its own unique pride and credibility in the  Malankara Orthodox Church.  This historic church has produced many religious leaders and scholars including, H.G. Alexious Mar Thevadotius, H.G. Dr. Yacob Mar Iranius, Maret Abraham Mar Thoma Metropolitan, H.G. Thangalathil Benedicts Mar Gregorios, Moothedathu Thomas Mar Theophilus, a Judge from Maret, political leaders such as Mr. T.S. John (MLA and a former Speaker, Kerala Assembly),  late M.M. Mathai (MLA), Mr. Joseph M. Puthussery, (MLA) and many more. All of these dignitaries were baptized at Kalloopara St. Mary's Malankara Orthodox Church and then brought up within its Godly discipline by the dedicated Vicars and the Sunday School teachers.                                                                                 

We all must remember and be thankful to God that through this Appoopan of the Adangapurathu family the Lord Almighty enabled this historical church to be in existence as of today. If we can remember some of the historical perspectives of the church going back many years, it is not so hard for the church members and the Adangapurathu family members to remember and pray for this great man who evidently took a faithful and courageous move by paying all of its debts and stood firm for the existence of Kalloopara St. Mary's Orthodox Church, about 250 years ago.

  A By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did.  By  faith he was commended as a righteous man, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead.   ( Hebrews: 11:4 ).


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