Avirah Tharakan and his wife Shridevi Maria, were first brought over by the  Edapally King as Royal Guests to the house location where the Tharamel Illam existed at that time (near Puramattom).

 It was amicably arranged with Tharamel Bhraman Illam to relocate them to east of Puramattom area so that the Royal Couples could reside in that reputed house previously occupied by the Tharamel Illam. This reputed Tharamel Bhraman family few years later accepted Christianity and kept a close relationship with the Adangapurathu family members. Although there is no direct relationship, these 2 families are still maintaining a close brotherly affectionate relationship. Likewise, another family named Moolamannil family in the region became closely affiliated  with Adangapurathu family back then and still keeping a close brotherly affectionate relationship.  The King gave Avirah Tharakan the complete control of the Perumpranad District,  which consisted  of Puramattom area, Kaungumprayar, Vennikulam, Kaviyoor, West of Ezhumattoor, Mallappally, Anikkadu, Part of Eraviperoor, Kumbanad South, Kalloopara region, Kottangal, Kottanadu, etc.            

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